1. Computer:

- NobeBook internal wiring (LVDS Panel cable group, cable) - PC internal wiring (ATA cable, SATA cable, FFC soft cable, the DC power wiring, power supply 4P line group,SATA power line, the line of separation, SCSI Cable, SAS Cable)

- Monitor VGA D-SUB line group, DVI cable group

- UPS, SPS, VIDEO, AUDIO, VTR, CRT, FAX Machine wiring combination

- LCD Monitor backlight module (high-voltage winding)

- USB, IEEE1394, Mini Din, Din, etc. Cable

- PS / 2, RS232, RS48

2.Network Communications:

- CAT5, CAT6, telephone lines, telephone Jack, Plug, network crystal head

- TV RG58, RG6

- F head

3. Electronic Product Categories:

- DC Wire, the line of separation, RCA, cigar head

- CCD monitoring system (II lines, waterproof wire, 30M extension cord)

- Cold cathode fluorescent lamp wiring, integrated solutions


- Power motor wiring (single grain insulated end)

- Y-end round end, power wiring, 4Awg ~ 32Awg wire

- The Line of Control

- Gaming machine wiring

5.Steam Locomotive: - Power cable

- XLR, TRS, S terminal



- M5, M8, M12, M22 Waterproof Connector Wire

- DC Plug Waterproof Connector

- Mini DIN Waterproof Connector

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